Pullrite Quick Connect Capture Plate - Trailair Airbag/Shock Pin Box - 331758

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Brand: PullRite
SKU: 331758

Product Description:


Capture Plates are a required component of the SuperGlide hitch system.
When the trailer is hooked up to the hitch, the Capture Plate wedge isolates the king pin from turning in the fifth wheel plate, causing the Cam Assembly to activate and allowing the SuperGlide to move as turns are being made.
Part #331758 fits Most Trailair Airbag/Shock Pin Box models.
Most applications slip over the king pin and are held in place by a set screw.
Follow the instructions below to determine your correct Capture Plate.
1) Determine if manufacturer name and model number located on your pin box are one of the options shown above.
2) To ensure correct fit, make the necessary A, B and C measurements:
A: Measure the king pin plate from side-to-side. This is the most
important measurement. Be sure that this measurement is no more
than 1/16ö less than 13 3/8".
B: Measure from the leading edge of the king pin to the leading edge of
the king pin plate, which should be 7 3/8".
C: Measure from the rear edge to the leading edge of the king pin plate which should be 13 1/2".