SuperGlide ISR 5th Wheel Hitches

If you already have "the other guy's" standard base rails mounted in the bed of your truck, simply pin your new Industry Standard Rail (ISR) hitch by PullRite, directly onto the existing base rails -- without the cost or hassles of a reinstall!

Are you a new RV'er who wants the best quality and value out of your 5th wheel hitch? Any of our ISR Series hitches can be ordered with our "better than theirs" Industry Standard Universal Base Rails!

The new ISR Series make it easy to replace those clunky, imported, 5th wheel hitches on the road today. PullRite has made it easier and cheaper to switch from the generic, to the best!

A new SuperGlide Hitch installation requires these three part#'s below, sold separately:

  1. SuperGlide hitch
  2. ISR Series Mounting Kits (Click Here for Fit Charts)
  3. Capture Plates (Click Here for Fit Charts)
      ISR Series - SuperGlide - 16K
      SKU: 2700/14-2910
      ISR Series - SuperGlide - 18K
      SKU: 2900/14-3306
      ISR Series - SuperGlide - 24K
      SKU: 2300/14-0530
      Multi-Fit Capture Plate - 3365
      SKU: 3365/14-3346
      Multi-Fit Capture Plate - 3366
      SKU: 3366/14-3304