Pullrite Single Point Attachment Super 5th 24K Fifth Wheel Hitch to Gooseneck Ball #3900

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Brand: PullRite
SKU: 3900


Product Description:

PullRite’s NEW line of Super 5th fifth wheel hitches combines the lightweight design of a SuperLite, the innovation of an underbed gooseneck mounting system, with the reliability of our innovative hitch plate!

Our dual articulating, automatically-locking hitch plate is easily removable with just two pins and clips, unlike other hitches on the market that require tools for removal.  Features the only self-latching handle on the market, keeping you clean and out of the bed with no secondary locking devices to engage.  Lightweight and stronger than aluminum, the base is made from high grade American steel.  Mounts directly to your truck’s OE puck mounting system or any aftermarket underbed gooseneck with a 2-5/16” ball.

Bed Saver Rails prevent damage to your truck bed through movement of the hitch base because they are not “attached."Other single point hitches damage your bed during stops and starts as a result of the rails being welded to the hitch base and digging into the truck bed.  Bed Saver Rails act independently to insulate your bed from hitch movement. Gooseneck Ball Receiver places hitch center of axle and is adjustable rearward to keep it centered. Multiple height adjustments for bed side clearance.

Single Point (1P) Attachment, or underbed gooseneck towing systems, are fairly new to the RV’ing world, and are quickly growing in popularity.  As a result, we were interested in examining this particular segment of the RV market and provide a better product that meets the trend responsibly.  After examining every Single Point (1P) Attachment hitch on the market, here’s what we have found to be questionable.

What they don’t tell you about a 1P (single point) mounting system is that it can significantly weaken and eventually tear through your truck bed, which is essentially just a big piece of thin sheet metal!

So let's take a closer look at the #3900 and how we improved upon the "untold" issues in similar models on the market today.

  • NTP 72-4144