Product Overview

The Dometic WH-16GEA is a market-leading water heater for mobile applications. Its robust burner system and XT mixing valve generates the equivalent of 16 gals of hot water in a 10 gal tank size to ensure a comfortable and convenient showering experience while you're away from home.

The Dometic WH-16GEA delivers abundant and convenient hot water to ensure a comfortable mobile experience. The 10,000 BTU electronic ignition burner provides exceptional heat, ensuring long, hot showers on the road. The lightweight aluminum tank does not require an anode rod, minimizing maintenance and extending the product life.

Quick Heating – 10,000 BTU electronic ignition ensures hot water fast.
Easy Installation – Flanges make mounting easy.
Aesthetic Design – Attractive vent design provides improved performance.
Low Maintenance Tank – Lightweight aluminum tank is corrosion-resistant and low-maintenance with no anode rod.
Cut out depth 25.13 "
Cut out height 15.75 "
Cut out width 16.25 "

Product Specifications

Technical Details

Product Height

Product Width

Product Depth


BTU Level


Power Consumption

Recovery Rate - Gas/Electric

Installed Weight (dry)

15.75 inches

15.75 inches

25 inches

10.0 gallons

10,000 BTU

110 volts

1400 watts

19.1 gallons/hour

25 pounds

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WH-10GEA, 95002


2 years

Dometic Water Heater Door - 10 gallon

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