AirSkirts Small High Clearance Kit (16'-23'11") for Trailers and Fifth-Wheels 5583

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Product Overview

    Protect and insulate your RV year-round
  •     Innovative, inflatable design requires no modification to your RV
  •     Military grade construction built to withstand extreme climates
  •     Uses trapped air as a natural insulator
  •     No permanent installation or RV modification required
  •     Packs up easily into our included carry and storage bag
  •     Included electric air pump both inflates and deflates your AirSkirts rapidly


The RV Skirt That Inflates 

AirSkirts, the inflatable RV skirt, is the fastest, easiest way to skirt your RV and protect your investment, saving you on energy costs year-round and preventing costly damage from frozen pipes in the colder months.  

Why AirSkirts? 

Skirts are necessary to protect your RV through cold weather, but traditional RV skirting methods are expensive, time consuming, and inefficient. AirSkirts’ patent-pending, inflatable system is the only skirting system that uses trapped air as a natural insulator and can be installed in minutes. 

RV skirts form an insulating perimeter around the base of your RV, preventing energy from being whisked away and creating a cushion of warm (or cold) air under your RV. Though most people think of skirts as a way to prevent freezing pipes in cold weather, AirSkirts work year-round to keep your energy costs down. 

The AirSkirts Difference 

Traditionally, RVers use a snap-on, custom made vinyl drape skirt that requires drilling holes into the RV or a DIY solution, often involving Styrofoam boards and tape, hay bales, or other unattractive solutions. 

AirSkirts’ inflatable design solves the shortcomings of current skirting solutions by inflating under your RV and staying in place with air pressure. 

Absolutely No RV Modification 

There’s no need to drill holes in your rig or create wasteful and time-consuming DIY solutions. Simple setup and breakdown take about 20-30 minutes making AirSkirts ideal whether you’re on the go or in place for the season. With the largest component weighing 14 pounds, even a solo RV’er can handle the setup. AirSkirts are made of military-grade PVC coated canvas with heat welded seams. And, thanks to the insulating properties of trapped air, they save energy in warm weather as well as cold! 

Saves on Energy Year Round 

AirSkirts help prevent freezing pipes in the winter and help insulate your rig year-round. By preventing energy from dissipating through your floor, your heating and cooling costs will drop dramatically. 

What’s in the Box 

AirSkirts kits come with everything you need – the tubes to skirt your RV, a pump that inflates and deflates, two storage bags, and a welcome kit containing an owner’s manual and other items. AirSkirts kits work for all RVs - stabilizer jacks, sewer drains, and stairs are no problem due to AirSkirts’ unique modular design. You can add on optional buffer pillows to fill any gaps and if your stairs pull out from under your trailer a stair pillow will fill this gap. 

You’ll also want to add AirSkirts dual-axle tire covers, tire wedges, or both to seal your tire area. For most people, a set of our dual-axle tire covers will suffice. 

Guaranteed Fit and Warranty 

All AirSkirts products come with a five-year warranty and our guaranteed fit policy so you can feel confident about your purchase. 

Choosing the Right Size 

Choose the correct AirSkirts kit by the manufacturer’s stated length of your RV and measuring the ground clearance – this is the distance from the ground to the I-beam or the solid underbelly (not the fender skirting) at the highest point. 20” and under requires our Low Clearance kit, 21”-32” requires our High Clearance kit. All fifth wheels and most larger trailers require our high clearance kits.