Aluminum Anode Rod OEM 233516, 232768

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Brand: Suburban
SKU: 233516

Product Description:  OEM# 233516, 232768

The Suburban Aluminum Anode Rod is a replacement anode rod for Suburban RV Water Heaters that will preserve the life of the water heater by corroding themselves, so the water heater doesn't get corroded.

    The RV water heater anode equalizes aggressive water action. All Suburban water heaters are protected by a magnesium or aluminum anodes to prolong the life of the tank. Under normal use, the anode rod will deteriorate. Because of this, we recommend it be replaced annually or when consumption or weight loss of the rod is greater than 75%.

    • Water Heater Anode Rod
    • For Aluminum Water Heaters
    • Aluminum
    Note: Check your anode rod every time you empty you RV water heater as you may need to change, if corroded. To drain the tank, just unscrew the anode rode. Water with high levels of iron and/or sulfate will increase the rate of deterioration. Always carry a spare with you, as you never know when you will need to replace the part.
      • Absorbs The Electrolytical Action - Just Like Your Water Heater At Home
      • Constructed Of Either Magnesium Or Aluminum
      • Limited 90 Day Warranty
      • Length : 9 Inch
      • Compatibility : Suburban Aluminum Water Heaters
      • Thread Size : 3/4 Inch-14
      • Material : Aluminum
      • Quantity : Single