Black Dometic Thermostat - Single Zone LCD - 3316250.712

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Brand: Dometic
SKU: 3316250.712

Product Description:  3316250712

Dometic Single Zone LCD Black Thermostat Only 3316250.712, OLD# 3316250.012

This thermostat is used as a direct replacement on newer campers already equipped with this exact single zone thermostat. If upgrading from an older Dometic thermostat, please contact customer service to determine the correct thermostat for your application. 

Dometic technology puts total RV climate control at your fingertips. The Single Zone LCD Thermostat operates automatically or manually and makes comfort and control come together in one superb package.

The Dometic Single Zone LCD Thermostat lets you control all interior heating and cooling from one convenient, easy-to-use location.

• Liquid Crystal Display and Green LED Mode Indicators
• Auto Fan
• Indoor Temperature Display
• °F / °C Display
• Air conditioner can provide additional indoor air circulation during
furnace operation.

No Heat Strip Control

  • Interchangeable thermostat part number 3316250.712