Camp Champ Odor Abate - 32 oz - Black and Gray Water CCBWC

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Brand: Camp Champ

Product Description:

Formulated with Stabitrol and remains completely soluble and stable within your black wastewater tank to instantly remove noxious odors. 32 black water treatments (1 ounce) and 64 gray water treatments (1/2 ounce).

A Dual-Action control takes place in the holding tank. First, a chemical reaction converts odorous gases into microscopic particles. Second, it balances the pH, allowing the naturally occurring microbes to decompose the waste without causing odor.

  • Eliminates and prevents odors instantly
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Does not harm seals or fittings
  • Aids in cleaning probes
  • Safe and easy to use