Coleman-Mach RV AC Silencer CA200

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SKU: CA200

If your inside ducted ceiling assembly looks like this,
then the CA200 will work for you.


Product Description:  CA200 

The WackO Products CA200 is an air conditioner silencer kit that allows you to run your A/C unit without all the noise. Never try listening to your TV over your air conditioner or being kept awake by the unbearable noise ever again.
• Designed to fit a Coleman air conditioner with a ducted system. (If you use a Dometic A/C model, see part #DA100)
• Installs easily in under 15 minutes with a screwdriver, no drilling required.
• Recycled cotton duct liner gives superior acoustic and thermal performance.
• Noise reduction ranges from 3-6 decibels (dB).
• Electrostatic air filter helps eliminate dust, lint, pollen, and other pollutants in the air.
• The air filter is a 4 layer weave design, is nonporous, mildew resistant, and does not degrade over time.
• The filter can easily be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, or optionally removed and washed.
• Clean the outer casing with a damp cloth or gentle cleanser.
• Dimensions: 17" x 17" x 2.25".
• Weight: 2.93 lbs.

Install Video

Darrel Abts, Founder of WackO Products and Inventor of the RV A/C Silencer, takes us through the 7 steps to install on a ducted Coleman-Mach RV air conditioner. Along the way, learn about important prep work and maintenance all owners should do to keep your A/C running at top performance and minimize noise.