Dometic CT Single Zone Thermostat Control Kit For Cool/Furnace/Heat Pump Modes - 3313189.023

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Brand: Dometic
SKU: 3313189.023

Product Description:  3313189.023

Dometic CT Single Zone Thermostat Control Kit For Cool/Furnace/Heat pump Modes

This and the 3316234.700 can be used interchangeably with the difference being the cover of the thermostat.

The 3313189.023 is a white single zone CT thermostat with a control board kit (Cool/Furnace/Heat Pump) by Dometic. See below for more information.

The control board uses captive sensors as apposed to physical buttons; this allows the control of your CT Thermostat from anywhere in your RV. Climate control features are accessed through gentle taps on three different input areas. Upon touching the display, the temperature, mode, and set point will light up for easier readability.

Manual and automatic operation options are possible for either non-ducted, or ducted rooftop air conditioning units. A large easily readable custom LCD display with a blue backlight makes viewing easy in low light situations.

The thermostat is useful for cooling and heat pump functions, and furnace control. This thermostat CANNOT control a furnace without a Dometic A/C in the system. It DOES NOT contain Bluetooth capabilities.

This unit does not contain installation instructions. Professional installation is highly recommended. Once installed, the thermostat is non-returnable. If defective, the device must be warrantied with the manufacture. Qualified technicians are capable of handling a warranty if necessary.

Compatible Dometic Air Conditioners:

  • Dometic B59196
  • Dometic 459196