Valterra P23505LFVP Fresh Water RV Winterizing EZ Turn Bypass Kit

$42.99 $34.99
Brand: Valterra

Product Description:  P23505LFVP

The Valterra EZ turn bypass kit is an absolute must when you are storing your RV or camper during the winter. This kit allows you to save antifreeze by bypassing the water heater. You are also able to leave this kit hooked up all year due to the 3-way valves that do not restrict flow. 

    • Fresh Water By-Pass Valve
    • EZ Turn
    • Water Heater Winterizing By-Pass Kit
    • By-Passing The Water Heater Saves A Minimum Of 10 Gallons Of RV Antifreeze Each Year
    • Permanent Installation
    • With Hose/ One Lead Free Valve
    • With Retail Package