General Electric Appliances Profile RV 21" Cooktop Glass Cover JXCVR21T

$129.99 $98.99


Product Description:

GE Profile™ RV 21" Cooktop Cover

5-in-1 Multi-Purpose
Engineered to maximize usability. The multipurpose design allows for use as a cooktop cover, cutting board, serving tray, additional countertop space, or a trivet

Integrated Design
Engineered to securely fit GE Profile RV cooktop grates perfectly covering the grates from edge to edge

Strong and Durable
5mm thick, tempered glass with impact resistant design that compliments your GE Profile RV range.

Manufacturer P/N: JXCVR21T
Country of Origin: USA
Glass Cover Dimensions: 22"L x 18"W x 4"