King Passport - Cellular Internet + Wi-Fi KC1000

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Brand: King
SKU: KC1000

Product Description:

KING Passport™ Premium Cellular Internet - LTE Router & Wi-Fi Amplifier

The mobile connectivity experience for RV adventurers by featuring a multi-network 4G/LTE router and Wi-Fi booster. The KING Passport™ utilizes eSIM technology to latch on to the optimal signal from all primary network providers.

Passport™ Advantages

  • 2 high-gain MIMO LTE antennas and Category 7 LTE modem capable up speeds up to 300Mbps
  • Fitted with 4 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi antennas capable of tethering up to 32 distinct devices
  • SIM-free yet includes an expandable physical SIM slot for enhanced versatility when required
  • Pairs with external LTE antenna & can tap into local Wi-Fi networks
  • Can be powered through any standard A/C outlet

Virtual SIM Technology

The VSIM technology is built into the Passport, not tied to a physical SIM card (although it can accept one too) This technology empowers the device to switch towers and access the most robust cellular signal possible!

Data plans are adaptable and have been designed for all users, ranging from a casual browser requiring just 2 GB, to a gamer, streamer or remote worker who may need the unlimited plan. All plans are prepaid on a monthly basis to suit your travel requirements.

  • Add the KING Passport™ to your shopping cart and finalize your order.
  • Once you receive your router, simply scan the QR code, visit the website at KING Passport Data Plans, or call 855-433-2285 to choose your plan and activate it.
  • Link up to 32 different devices to your router and revel in high-speed internet wherever your journey takes you!

Passport™ Specifications

  • Product Name: Passport™
  • Size: 180 x 130 x 30mm
  • Weight: <1,500g (including packaging)
  • Shell Material: Metal
  • Color: Black
  • LED: Power Indicator, LED VSIM Indicator, LTE Indicator, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi, SIM Indicator, Signal LED (3 LED), WAN/LAN LED
    Power: 12V 1.5A DC
  • Consumption: ON State: MAX 7W, OFF State: MAX 0.5W
  • LAN: 4 x RJ4510M/100M/1000M LAN Ethernet
  • WAN: 1 x RJ45 10M/100M/1000M WAN Ethernet