Klauber Slide Out Motor K01285A125

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Brand: Lippert
SKU: K01285A125

Product Description:  K01285A125

Klauber RV Slide out Motor Gear Motor K01285A125/K01385A150

  • OEM motor
  • 1/10 HP, 12 Volts DC, 9.0 AMPS
  • 12 RPM; 400 in-lbs Torque
  • Double Output Shaft 1.27" x 0.75" x 1.27"
  • Includes Electric Brake - Connection wires under rubber boot.
  • CROSS REFERENCES:  K01285-V150, K01285V150, K01285M150, K01285M150N, K01385A150 (with differences) Note: original K01385A150 has one shaft and a key slot, K01285V150 has dual shafts and a 1/4" roll pin hole.  Possible fits, K01391B125, K01285A125 please refer to print... (mounting and shaft dimensions same, variations in body and RPM may affect fit and performance)