Ladder Mount, Smart Tote 2 40830

$89.99 $79.99
Brand: Thetford
SKU: 40830

Product Description:

The Thetford 40830 ladder mounted portable waste tank carrier allows you to bring your waste tank with you on those longer RV trips.
This Ladder Mount, Tote Storage System offers a more secure and sanitary approach than what you might currently be doing.
Designed by Thetford, the RV sanitation leader, the Ladder Mount is engineered to be easy to use and built to last.

  • Portable Waste Holding Tank Carrier
  • Portable Waste Holding Carrier
  • Use To Store Tote Portable Waste Holding Tank
  • Installs On Existing Exterior Ladder
  • Holds 1 Tank/ Up To 50 Gallon Capacity
  • With Swiveling Arms
  • With Strap And Hardware