Quick Release Roof Mount Kit - King Portable Satellite Antenna MB700

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Brand: King
SKU: MB700

Product Description:  MB700

This revolutionary, first of its kind, mounting fixture allows you to turn your KING antenna into a roof-mounted system and then into a portable antenna in seconds! Trees blocking your signal? No problem! Just dismount your KING antenna from the quick release mount (that is permanently mounted on your RV roof), reposition your KING satellite antenna anywhere to get a better view of the southern sky and you’ll be watching your favorite television program in minutes. Want to go tailgating for the weekend? How about fishing or hunting? No problem! Just disengage your KING antenna from this roof mount fixture and take your KING portable antenna tailgating, hunting, fishing or wherever your busy life takes you. You’ll never miss another big game.

Designed for RVs and travel trailers, the Quick Release Roof Mount provides a permanent, secure base for mounting your KING satellite antenna, but also offers the flexibility of removing the antenna for storage or to provide a clear line of sight to the satellite without having to reposition your vehicle. Watching your favorite shows has never been easier.

Constructed from sturdy, rust-resistant, UV stable, automotive-grade plastic, the Quick Release Roof Mount is designed for strength and durability, offering the perfect solution for long-term, outdoor use. The kit is compatible with the following KING satellites: KING Quest for DIRECTV® (VQ4100), KING Quest for Bell (VQ4200), DISH® Tailgater® (VQ4400), and KING Tailgater® (VQ4500).

  • Satellite TV Antenna Mount
  • Roof Mount
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