Quick Roof Emergency Rubber Roof Patch Kit - RR612

Brand: SticknBond
SKU: 13-1426

Product Description:

Quick Roof Emergency Rubber Roof Patch Kit. Emergency patch kit includes: 2 alcohol wipes, 1 scrub pad, 1-6in x 1ft self adhesive fully cured EPDM rubber patch. Just peel and seal for an instant permanent repair.

Used For: Rubber Roof
With Liquid Roof: No
With Tape: Yes
With Mixer: No
With Brush: No
  • Just Peel And Seal For An Instant Permanent Repair
  • Emergency Patch Kit Includes 2 Alcohol Wipes, 1 Scrub Pad, Self-Adhesive Fully Cured EPDM Rubber Patch
  • Limited 90 day Warranty
  • Roof Repair Kit
  • Quick Roof (TM)
  • With 6 Inch x 12 Inch Self Adhesive Fully Cured EPDM Rubber Patch/ 2 Alcohol Wipes And Scrub Pad