Rubber RV Roof Coating - Gallon 16-46128-4

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Brand: Plas-T-Cote
SKU: 16-46128-4

Product Description:

This Roof coating is formulated from 100% acrylic latex polymer. Use on RV rubber roofs and as a reflective and protective coating. This product expands and contracts with the roof, and resists cracking, impact, and UV rays. Non-polluting and non-toxic. It can be applied over galvanized steel, bituminous built-op roofs (BURs), concrete, wood, polyurethane foam and asphalt roof shingles or wherever a flexible durable and long lasting protection is needed.

  • Roof Coating  16-46128-4
  • Use Over Rubber Roofs/ At Seams/ Tears/ And To Seal Vents/ Air Conditioners;
  • White
  • 1 Gallon