Sani-Con Replacement Nozzle 70400

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Brand: Thetford
SKU: 70400

Product Description: 70400

The RV Sani-con Molded Sewer Nozzle fits 4" and 3" threaded and un-threaded sewer pipes. Male 3/4" water hose threads are located on both ends along with a 1" push on barbed hose fitting, so no clamp is required when using the Sani-con 1" hose.

  • Drip cap on the outlet end allows for clean no drip storage when installed on the Sani-con system.
  • Hold with one hand, remove the drip cap and lock into sewer, clean and simple.
  • Designed and manufactured by RV Sani-Con to fit most sewer pipes and provide a gas-tight seal.
  • Threads are male on both ends of the nozzle to prevent drinking water hose from accidentally being hooked to the sewer nozzle.