SensarPro TV Signal Strength Meter - White RFL-342

$119.99 $89.99
Brand: Winegard
SKU: RFL-342

Product Description:

Raise the antenna, slowly rotate to find the highest signal strength, and watch TV! The SensarPro TV signal strength meter makes it easy to find your favorite shows


Scan, Seek and Channel Modes

Allows you to peak in signals prior to running a channel scan on your TV. Save time and watch your favorite shows in the absolute best signal quality possible.

More Signal, Less Signal, No Problem

The SensarPro contains an adjustable amplifier to easily increase or decrease the gain with a press of a button. Increase for hard to get channels or decrease for overloaded signals close to your location for perfect reception!

Easy Antenna Aiming

The SensarPro's adjustable volume audio signal feedback, 100 point scale aiming system and U.S. specific signal focus makes your antenna easier to aim than ever before!
  • Broadcast TV Antenna Signal Meter
  • SensarPro (R)
  • For Use With Sensar ® IV Antennas or Works With Most Broadcast TV Antenna
  • Permanent Wall Mount
  • Digital Readout
  • With Adjustable Amplifier
  • White
  • With Antenna In/ Cable In/ TV1 Out and TV2 Out Cables
  • Scan, Seek And Channel Modes - Allows You To Peak In Signals Prior To Channel Scan On Your TV
  • Adjustable Amplifier - Provides Up To 10 Decibel Gain For Increased Performance Or Lower Gain For Close Range Areas
  • Easy Antenna Aiming - Adjustable Volume Audio Signal Feedback, 100 Point Scale Aiming System And U.S. Specific Signal Focus Makes Your Sensar Easier To Aim Than Ever Before!
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty On Product And Limited 1 Year Labor Warranty