SnapPad Cap Singles

$34.99 $24.95
Brand: Snap Pad

Product Description:

The Cap is the easiest way to add safety and support to your stacker setup.

RVers know that plastic stacker blocks tend to be brittle and slippery. Metal leveling feet or tongue jacks can shift or slide on top of your stackers, potentially causing damage.

The Cap by RV SnapPad changes all of that. Made from the same rugged recycled tires as the SnapPads you love, The Cap increases safety and limits slippage, while protecting your stackers from damage and strain.

Designed to fit snugly on a wide variety of 8 ½ X 8 ½" plastic stacker blocks, just pop The Cap on top of your stack to increase grip, safety, and durability.

  • Add Extra Grip To Your Plastic Stackers
  • Increased Safety & Stability
  • Protect From Wear & Tear
  • Made From American Recycled Rubber