SnapPad XTRA XL Plus 4-Pack - Two 9" & Two 12" Round Jack Feet - XTR12SP4

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Brand: Snap Pad

Product Description:

SnapPad XTRA XL PLUS 4-Pack For Two (2) 9" & Two (2) 12" Round Jack Feet, 11" Diameter & 13.75" Diameter


SnapPad XTRA XL Plus 4-Pack features two of our best selling XTRA 9” pads and two of our largest 12” rear XL pads. This type of configuration is commonly found on larger Class A Motorhomes. Snap-on a set of XTRA XL Plus to your rig and eliminate all of your leveling hassles. Permanently. 

Make your leveling system truly automatic with SnapPad XTRA XL.

Compatible Rig Types:

  • Class A Motorhomes

Compatible Leveling Systems:

  • LCI ‘Ultra Level’®

Most Common Compatible Brands:

  • Damen®
  • Thor
  • Entegra®
  • Winnebago®

Special Considerations:
For LCI® feet, ensure you double check the size of your landing feet, and check if they are bent at all, as this can impact compatibility considerably.

  • For the XL 9" Pads:

    • For 9” round jack feet
    • 11” total diameter
    • 5 lbs. per pad
    • Adds 1” of thickness to jack foot
    • Adds 61% surface area

    For the XL 12" Pads:

    • For 12” round jack feet
    • 13.75” total diameter
    • 8.4 lbs. per pad
    • Adds 1” of thickness to jack foot
    • Adds 40% surface area

    Both pads were shake tested to 50 G's of force and temperature tested to 120 and -40 degrees F

  • U.S. Patent No. 10266158

    *Please Note* Always double check your leveling system and jack feet before ordering SnapPads. Because there is no standard in the industry, we cannot guarantee your rig will be compatible with SnapPads without a visual inspection of your leveling system.