Sturgi-Flow - Type 1

Brand: MB Sturgis
SKU: 103607

Product Description:

Camping Use: The Type1 Sturgi-Flow connects easily to a propane cylinder with the use of the Type 1 outside thread tank connection and allows two appliances to be run simultaneously from one cylinder. One appliance can be connected to a Male Bulk Adapter Fitting and the second appliance can connect to the combination Female POL/Male ACME fitting with either a male POL or a Type 1 tank connector. RV Towable Use: The Type1 Sturgi-Flow fitting can also be used in a split tank travel trailer to go between a propane cylinder and a two-stage regulator allowing use of a camping appliance by connecting to the bulk adapter, avoiding the need to disconnect the pigtail from the tank valve when using a camping appliance. The Type1 Sturgi-Flow Kit comes with the Type1 Sturgi-Flow Fitting and a 12 Foot bulk adapter hose to connect to a small appliance or a propane tree.
  • Propane Adapter Fitting
  • Tank Connector Type 1 X #600 Propane Adapter X Combination Female POL(Prest-O-Lite)/Male ACME Fitting
  • Brass
  • With 144 Inch Length Propane Hose
  • #600 Male Swivel X #600 Female Swivel