Stylish Camping RV Home Mat with Lights Brown/Beige 8 x 11 LRVH8117

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Get ready to spice up your outdoor living area with the Reversible Mats Outdoor Polypropylene Patio Mat. The versatile design can be used indoors or outdoors, whether it’s used on your patio, by the pool, picnics, or your laundry room. Reversible mats are made with high-quality virgin polypropylene that are eco-friendly recycled materials to protect the environment. Its bright and vibrant colors will not fade with the UV resistant material. The mat is built with a woven structure design, sturdy and breathable, and will not ruin your grass or damage your wooden deck. Move the mat from room to room with a lightweight and foldable design. With a simple flip, you can redecorate with the reversible colors making this a versatile mat for any room. Clean the mat hassle-free by sweeping debris or spray down with water. Included in the package is a carry bag making it easy to fold and bring on the go. Bring the colorful mat to your next outdoor picnic or gathering!

Available Sizes: 8'x11', 8'x18'
Available Color: Brown/Beige

Product Specifications:

MULTIFUNCTIONAL MAT: Use indoor or outdoor, Reversible mats are designed to be versatile whether it’s used on your patio, by the pool, picnics, or your laundry room. With its lightweight and foldable features, these mats are easy to move around furniture and transport.

ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Made with recycled virgin polypropylene built with a woven structure designed to be quick and easy to dry and breathable that will not hurt grass or damage your deck or patio.

UV RESISTANT REVERSIBLE COLORS: Refresh your patio, deck or garden in an instant! This outdoor/indoor mat is designed with reversible colors making redecorating accomplished with a simple flip. Made with UV resistant material, so colors do not fade as easily through sun, rain, and windy weather.

QUICK & EASY CLEANING: Cleaning a mat hasn’t been easier, its woven structure allows you to easily sweep debris, spray down with water and is quick drying!

CARRY BAG: Bring your mat on an outing with you! This reversible mat comes with a carry bag making it easy to pack up and bring on the go. This mat is perfect for picnics, cookouts, camping or beach trips.