Surface Mounted Single LED Fixture DIST-LED311-1

$39.99 $21.99
Brand: Thin-Lite
SKU: LED311-1

Product Description:  DIST-LED312-1

Thin-Lite's, Prismatic Lens, balances the light to cover twice the interior area and eliminate hot spots commonly found in conventional LED and incandescent lights. Thin-Lite LED’s run cool for safe use in overhead sleeping bunks, closets, and enclosed storage areas. The three-way switch allows you turn on one side of the fixture or both giving you the flexibility of using all 800 lumens (brightness of the light) or 400 lumens when you don’t want as much. The extremely thin, surface mount design is only 1" deep, and most importantly the outside dimensions are just a tad bit larger than most existing overhead lights, so it will cover most outlines, without any extra trim rings to purchase.

  • Dome Light- LED
  • Clear Acrylic Diffuser Lens
  • 12 LED
  • Warm White
  • 12 LED; 7.32 Inch Length x 5 Inch Width x 1 Inch Height
  • With Slide Switch