Lippert Venture Replacement Gear Set - 18:1

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Brand: Lippert
SKU: 191072

Product Description:  191072

Replacement gear kit for 18:1 motor/gear box found in many slide-out mechanisms.  AP # 191072.  The plastic gear measure 2-1/4" in diameter with 24 teeth on the smaller gear & 64 teeth on the larger gear.  The metal gear measure 2-3/8" in diameter and has 53 teeth and includes the clutch assembly pre installed.  Please note if your gears do not match these dimensions exactly they will not work for your application. Currently this is the only replacement gear set available.  Older plastic gears were white, the replacement plastic gear will be black.
  • Slide Out Linear Actuator
  • 18:1 Venture Replacement Gear Set
  • 53 Teeth