Coleman-Mach - Roughneck - 13.5 BTU - 48203-0665

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Product Description:  48203-0665


When it comes to air conditioners, power and strength do not necessarily mean the same thing. But they do come in the same package with a Coleman®-Mach® Roughneck™ RV air conditioner.

The Roughneck™ gives you plenty of high-efficiency cooling power, but also has a lot of inner strength to handle rugged, off-road and heavy industrial vehicle applications.

It's specially equipped to handle the jarring and vibrations that come with the territory, whether you're in construction, the oil field or just taking the back roads to your favorite fishing hole.

  • At 1/3 hp, the fan motor in the Roughneck™ is the largest in the industry. It features a sealed shaft to protect against dust and cooling capacity loss.
  • Large evaporator and condenser coils have raised lance fins that enhance heat transfer. The copper tubing has been rifled inside to create turbulence in the  coolant, which also enhances the system's ability to dissipate heat.
  • The top and bottom of the compressor are secured to the air conditioner chassis, reducing the potential for damage when used in high-stress applications.
  • Start kit with start capacitors and relays is provided as standard equipment to allow the unit to start easier under high temperature and humidity conditions.
  • To prevent distortion of the angle of the blower wheel and ensure a free turning action, the motor is mounted directly to the bulkhead. This fixes the motor's  position in relation to the blower wheel and scroll.
  • Optional Heater Assembly can be added to provide a source of warm air.
  • Plastic drain pan eliminates corrosion.
  • Corrosion-resistant, stainless steel truss head screws secure the shroud.

This unit is a replacement for the following models:  8433-896, 8433A896, 8433B896, 8433C896, 8433D896, 8433E876, 8433E8763, 48203-8765, 48203A8765, 48213-8765, 48213A8765, 8433D876, 8433C876, 48203B8765, 48213-8765, 48213A8765, 48203B8765, 48213C9665, 7433-797, 7433A797, 7433A887, 7433B797, 7433B887, 7433C797, 7433C886, 7433C887, 8332-891, 8433C8763, 8433C87P, 8433D8763, 8433D879, 8433E776, 8433E7763 

    * Lower ceiling assembly not included *

    Coleman (Medium Profile Rooftop Air – Mach 15/Mach 3/Roughneck/Mach 1 PS) Ceiling Assembly Configurations:  Select the parts below for your configuration:

    Non-Ducted: Heat Strip (Optional) 9233A4551

    Ceiling Assembly 9430D715 OR Ceiling Assembly CHILLGRILLE 9430D7153


    Bluetooth Ceiling Assemblies

    Non-Ducted w/Wall Thermostat: Heat Strip (Optional) 9233A4551

    Ceiling Assembly 9430-4552


    Wall Thermostat Digital (Heat/Cool) – Black 9420-381 OR Wall Thermostat Analog (Heat/Cool) – Black 9420-351


    Control Box – Heat Ready 9330C755

    Ducted:  Heat Strip (Optional) 9233A4551

    Ceiling Assembly (Cool Only) 8430A633 OR Ceiling Assembly (Heat Ready) 8430A635 OR Ceiling Assembly – W/o Air Discharge (Heat Ready) 8330D735


    Wall Thermostat Digital (Heat/Cool) – Black 9420-381 OR Wall Thermostat Analog (Heat/Cool) – Black 9420-351

    Note: You MUST purchase both an Upper Unit and a Ceiling Assembly for a complete system! These are sold as separate part numbers. Competing manufacturers assemblies are not interchangeable. To ensure accuracy please text or call one of our parts representatives. Please have your a/c model number ready.