Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater - 42,000 BTU INSTASHOWER6

$799.99 $537.99
Brand: Fogatti

Description:  INSTASHOWER6

The Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater offers optimum performance and continuous hot water supply, boasting a powerful 42,000 BTU output capable of producing up to 2.2 GPM of hot water. Designed for ease of installation and unmatched compatibility, it seamlessly fits various applications and replaces traditional tank heaters. With advanced safety features including a built-in forced exhaust fan and automatic gas shut-off, Fogatti ensures uncompromising safety and reliability for your camping adventures, providing instantaneous gratification and unprecedented comfort in your RV experience.

  • Comes with a Digital Control Panel
  • Door kits must be purchase separately

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Optimum Performance:

The RV water heater needs to be connected to 12-volt DC power and propane. Inlet and outlet water connections are 1/2“ NPT, gas inlet is 5/8" UNF. No special propane gas lines or special plumbing is required. One is enough to provide the entire RV with hot water. It is easy to operate, turn on the hot water and mix the cold water to reach the desired temperature to enjoy instant and endless hot water.

Continuous Hot Water Supply:

With a powerful 42,000 BTU output, this water heater can produce up to 2.2 GPM of hot water. Say goodbye to running out of hot water in a matter of minutes with conventional tank heaters. The Fogatti RV water heater ensures a continuous and uninterrupted hot water supply.

Experience Unprecedented Comfort:

Fogatti's cutting-edge high altitude suitability mode ensures smooth operation even at 9800 feet on the high Denver plateau. With staged combustion technology, we control the flame amount during summer, preventing excessive water heating and conserving limited propane gas for your caravan adventures.

Unmatched Compatibility and Easy Installation:

The Fogatti RV Water Heater is designed to fit various applications, featuring a 13 x 13-inch opening and a 15 x 15-inch door. It seamlessly replaces 6-gallon tank water heaters from Suburban and Atwood, as well as tankless water heaters from Girard and Furrion. For those who previously used a 10-gallon tank water heater, a simple retrofit with an 18 x 18-inch door is all that's required.

Instantaneous Gratification:
RV Tankless Water Heaters are revolutionizing the industry, and the Fogatti Water Heater leads the way. Unlike traditional tank water heaters, there's no need to waste precious time waiting for hot water during your shower. With this tankless solution, you can enjoy abundant hot water at all times. You can rest easy knowing you'll never run out of power in your caravan.

Save Money and Eliminate Hassle:

At Fogatti, they've thought of everything. Their product comes equipped with a built-in pressure relief valve, saving you the trouble and expense of purchasing and installing it separately.

Uncompromising Safety and Reliability:

This CSA certified product prioritizes your peace of mind. Featuring multiple protective features such as a built-in forced exhaust fan, stable combustion, and automatic gas shut-off in case of accidental flame failure or freezing temperatures.

Invest in the Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater to enhance your camping experience and enjoy continuous hot water in your camper. Say goodbye to waiting, running out of hot water, and feeling uncertain about your water heater's safety. Trust in Fogatti for the highest quality, performance, and convenience.

  • The water heater is designed with intelligent control system. Simply set the temperature and press the start button for machine detecting the qualify water flow. After ignition, the gas valve invites propane to ignite the burner, then runs steady hot water. The intelligent device detects the entire process, where may shut down gas whenever abnormal failures detected. The water heater is forced exhaust structured. The outside air passing through the air intake grille enters the combustion chamber via anti-dust net. Flue gas or air mixture is discharged outdoor through the small-diameter pipe automatically and safely.

    • Constant Temperature System: Microcomputer Control System, Which Constitutes The 'computer" Of The Whole Machine, Which Controls The Water, Electricity Of The Water Heater In A Coordinated Manner
    • Features Mixing Tank
    • Low Startup Water Pressure Making It Easier To Use
    • Flameout Protection: When Water Heater Accidently Flames Out During Operation, The Gas Supply Will Be Automatically Cut Off To Ensure No Leakage
    • When A Blockage Of The Flue Or The Smoke Is Blocked, The Built-In Microcomputer System Will Increase The Operating Speed Of The Fan And Eliminate The Generation Of Harmful Gases
    • When The Water Supply Is Interrupted Or The Water Outlet Valve Is Closed, The Water Heater Will Automatically Stop The Combustion And Shut Down
    • Intelligent Microcomputer Can Monitor Various Safety Devices, Gas Proportional Valves And Other Components At Real-Time, Find Faults And Timely Safety Shutdown
    • Advanced Fault Code Display Function Makes It Easy To Use And Maintain
    • Easy To Install
    • Limited 2 Year Warranty