Propane Tank Regulator Mount Bracket - Z

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Product Description:  MEGR-900

The MEGR-900 is a Z Mount Universal Regulator Mounting Bracket that can be used with both the MEC Auto Changeover Regulator (MEGR-9984) as well as all MEC Integral Two Stage Regulators (MEGR-9950, MEGR-9959 and MEGR-9954).
Propane Tank Rack Hold Down Wing Nut
  • Propane Tank Regulator Mount Bracket
  • Excela-Flo
  • Use With Marshall Excelsior Regulators Part Number MEGR-253/ MEGR-253H/ MEGR-9984/ MEGR-9950/ MEGR-9954/ MEGR-9959
  • Z-Style
  • Steel
  • Single